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Insurance Solutions for Families and Businesses.

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Health insurance wasn't designed to cover everything.

That's why we have added products to take care of the expenses insurance doesn't cover, so you can protect your life and assets with an all-in-one company. 

The comprehensive Insurance Solution for Individuals & Families, Small Businesses, and self-employed Insurance, finding a plan that not only protects against the uncertainties of accidents but also caters to the unique needs of small businesses and the self-employed is crucial. Enter a holistic insurance solution that combines accident protection with tailored benefits for entrepreneurs forging their paths and small businesses aiming for success.

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About Us

JS Health Solutions offers clients the best protection for all their insurance needs, and we can analyze every major insurance company to get you the best policy. As a leading Healthcare Insurance Agency in 2023, we are committed to finding the best insurance options for you. Our expert staff knows how to handle everything from the simplest policy to the most complicated package.

Insurance is a vital part of financial planning that helps pay for your healthcare. This can include doctor and hospital bills, annual doctor visits, specialist visits, prescription drugs, mental health services, dental care, eye care, and other medical-related expenses.


However, many Americans struggle to afford the cost of healthcare insurance.[1] According to health insurance statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, uninsured non-elderly adults (between ages 18 and 64) report that the top reason why they don’t have insurance is that the cost is too high.[1]


Other insurance facts suggest that insurance costs likely won’t be coming down anytime soon. Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace insurers are requesting a 6% average premium hike for 2024, mostly because of inflation and higher levels of care since the pandemic in 2020.[2]


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Forbes Advisor

Joe D, LA

Very professional! Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Made the whole process easy!."
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